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“We specialize in Service First”

Bender Commercial Real Estate is a full service property management company in Mobile Alabama and its surrounding areas. We are a leader in commercial property management. Our property management division focuses on office buildings, retail properties, medical practice facilities, land, and commercial property development.

When choosing Bender Commercial Real Estate you will be getting a professional commercial property management company. Our comprehensive property management service allows you the freedom you are looking for when hiring a property management company. Our clients feel confident that their properties and tenants are getting the care that they deserve.

We strive to create and maintain the success of your investment, while freeing you from the day-to-day management tasks. Through our property management services, you can enjoy the benefits of being a property owner without having the headaches that can accompany the management of your investment.

Our marketing program allows us the opportunity to consistently find tenants for your property and to ensure that the tenants are qualified and a right fit for the property. We understand that obtaining right tenant is extremely important for our clients and we go the extra step.Our rental applicants are thoroughly screened including credit, employment and previous rental history checks.

Bender Commercial Real Estate’s property managers have worked hard to become the Mobile area’s leader in property management. Our goal is to provide the best service at the best price throughout the Mobile area and along the Gulf Coast.

The Bender Real Estate Group Management philosophy is to create and maintain a level of excellence through financial accounting and proactive maintenance that provides a professional work environment for all tenants. This process includes an accountability checklist for the property, an online work order system, and preventative maintenance application so our tenants daily work atmosphere remains undisturbed. By providing a “service first” methodology, clients remain pleased, buildings reach and maintain occupancy goals, and owners/investors increase value and equity in their properties. This cyclical process and successful model has increased our property management portfolio to over 750,000 square feet of office space throughout Mobile, AL.

BREG has a Maintenance and Service Director, as well as a full support team, to spearhead this operation. By streamlining our efforts into an organized, efficient, and cyclical process with all our properties, we are poised for growth and welcome the opportunity for additional property management. Please contact us for further information or if we can assist in your property.

Some of our featured properties managed are the Riverview Office Plaza, the Dauphin I-65 Medical & Financial Center, the Executive Center, and the Paramount Center.

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