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“We have 55 years experience offering superior representation in commercial brokerage”

Bender Real Estate Group has four licensed agents, and over 55 years of combined experience in commercial real estate brokerage. At our firm, it is not about any single agent’s transaction record, it is a collective, unit approach. As a team, we ensure superior representation, precision in the details, and effective communication at all times. We can represent your needs on any property and have a competent accounting and legal team ready to address any concerns. Please visit our Properties page for our listings.

Commercial Sales

From property analysis to closing, commercial properties are increasingly more complicated to sell. Pricing your property effectively takes expertise, and marketing it successfully requires competence, tenacity and a thorough knowledge of the marketplace.

Commercial Leasing

We will assist you from the initial stage of listing your property and establishing a lease rate; through marketing, arranging tours, and submitting letters of intent; to final execution of the lease document and monitoring details until the tenant is in place.

Commercial property management services are also available.

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