“We handle every step of the development process from site selection to full construction services.”
  Bender Real Estate Group (BREG) and Gavin Bender Sr. have been developing, redeveloping, and fast tracking “Build to Suit” office, retail, and light industrial properties along the Gulf Coast for more than 25 years. BREG has the in-house expertise to handle all phases of development, from site selection, to coordinating local Governmental requirements for use and zoning, to coordinating design and construction. With each project, BREG will find the best available location, be sure that all governmental submittals, reviews and permits are coordinated timely, and ensure that project designs are for the intended use and site, with soil conditions, elevation changes and applicable governing restrictions all considered and incorporated throughout the design and construction process.
Bender Real Estate Group and Gavin Bender, Sr. have substantial experience in property rehabilitation. As in new development, we have the team in place to handle all components of redevelopment and are very creative and experienced in adding value to redeveloped projects. Redevelopment and re-establishing value to aging properties, making them viable and relevant, may be our greatest area of expertise at Bender Real Estate Group.
Through careful design, budgeting, managing and leasing the finished renovated property, Bender Real Estate Group has established an unparalleled track record of successful projects in Mobile and along the Gulf Coast.

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