How to get started investing in commercial real estate

The world of investing in commercial properties is full of dangers and pitfalls, but it is also a very lucrative investment type. There aren’t many other investment opportunities that allow a beginner to reap the kinds of rewards that commercial property investing allows.

Article about Investing in Commercial Property-Avoid The Mistakes
Investing in Commercial Property-Avoid The Mistakes

Many new investors are eager to jump into the world of investing in commercial properties only to find themselves in the middle of a nightmare that they just can’t escape from.

Here is one such example of a deal gone bad.

Avoiding a Property Nightmare

In this example the investor, in a rush of excitement to get started failed to do a complete property analysis and due-diligence. This is a common mistake we see novice investors make and it is easily avoidable.

What you need is an advocate or a mentor to help you to navigate the minefield of finding a great commercial property to invest your money. At Bender Commercial Real Estate in Mobile Alabama we offer a seasoned team of professionals that can help you, advise you, and assist you with a property acquisition.

A common question is: Is it O.K. to purchase an old commercial building: Due Diligence Nightmare-or is it? 

Without a seasoned investor in your corner, an acquisition like this may offer so many challenges that it will scare off the rookie investor. What you don’t realize though is that an older commercial building may be the “cash cow” you are seeking. With so many options to re-purpose an older building (new offices, condominium space, medical practice, retail or restaurant space) this acquisition may be a “no-brainer”. A simple consultation with our commercial real estate professionals at Bender Commercial Real Estate will put you on the path to becoming a happy and successful investor.

If you are looking to get involved with commercial property investing, multi-family housing, retail space, new office space, or office buildings, give us a call at Bender Commercial Real Estate in Mobile Alabama. We will be glad to help you and can show you several of the properties that we currently have available.

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